Be Still: Why Do That?

Meditation-Om. The sound of the word can create images of monks sitting crossed legged chanting words you don’t understand.  Or maybe people in flowing robes espousing words of universal love.  Forget your preconceived ideas of what you may think meditation is and focus on the results of regular practice. Take a moment to imagine a day that starts out peaceful and clear and well executed. Silence is a way to add to your spiritual bank account. Peace of mind, clarity and focus are some of the results of regular meditation.

Meditation is the process of letting go of the thoughts in your mind so you can release and recharge. Meditation for me is the process of going inside to reconnect with myself. It allows me to let go. I have become more clear and focused and that allows me to make better choices.When meditation was first suggested to me it didn’t make sense.  Being still?  Are you kidding? What could I learn from silence? I was a talker. Who would I talk to? I enjoyed thought provoking conversations.  I didn’t get it at all. My connection with my inner spirit was probably there but it was temporarily disconnected due to lack of funds.  At 30 I had not learned that the currency required for my spiritual bank account was in the form of being still. I was being proactive by seeking out information from sources like people, books and classes.  I was not interested at all in being still.  Stillness didn’t seem like a way to learn anything.

In 1995 I started dabbling with meditation a few times a week.  I didn’t want to commit to the practice.  I was afraid to be still. I was afraid of what I might find out about myself. Quiet Barbara scared me. I started meditating very slowly and with hesitation. I was still not convinced I would really benefit from silence. It took several years before I decided to create a daily spiritual practice that included some form of meditation.  I used a guided cassette daily in the morning and learned to be still.  When I decided to embrace meditation as a natural process for growth and development I began to understand the power of silence. I saw myself grow like a newly watered flower.

Now, I won’t leave my house without my meditation time. If I am running late, I will be 5 minutes later.  Meditation recharges my internal batteries. Every morning I sit on my sofa, I close my eyes and breathe in and out and I sit in complete silence. In the stillness I have a reverence and an appreciation for my life.  I give thanks to The Creator for all people and experiences I have had and the ones I will create.  In the five to ten minutes of complete silence I allow my thoughts to do what they will, sometimes they tell me what I need to do, sometimes not. I allow my meditation time to develop as it will.

My daily meditation practice reminds me that I have a lot more to learn about myself and life.  I have learned that I need to be still to get clear so I can choose well. After meditating my spiritual bank account is full and I am ready to create the day I want. Be Still: Yes, I must do that.

Click here for to listen to a sample meditation from my upcoming CD, Be Still: Learn to Meditate in 10 Minutes a Day.

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6 thoughts on “Be Still: Why Do That?

  1. Day four of meditation and I’m liking it. Track seven – Be Vivid is my favorite at the moment. It’s visualizing your dream and couldn’t be more appropriate at this stage in my life. What’s ten minutes when it comes to fulfilling a dream? I realize even more that “seeing is believing.” Meditation allows me to see myself performing to my potential. I believe in my ability to achieve my dream. I do! I do! I do! Thanks for an enjoyable experience that helps me grow!

    Regenna London

  2. Barbara,

    Thank you so much for introducing me to your meditation techniques. I have four major projects currently in progress and I did not think anything could help me relax. But you have the key to teaching my mind to let go.

    I remember a conversation that I had with a man one day. I asked this man what he was thinking about because he looked so relaxed and he replied, “Nothing”. He told me that he had learned to mentally rest his mind for five minutes. I could not comprehend that someone could not be thinking of anything. I didn’t understand until now how it could be possible to be totally relaxed mentally.

    I have told the salon owner about you and he is looking forward to meeting you. We would love to network further with you.


  3. My practice: I meditate just before leaving the house for the day. Meditation calms me down, centers me and helps me to relax. I end my centering time by reminding myself of my intentions for the day and giving thanks that they have been accomplished. When I meditate, even if it is a busy day, I realize that I handle all that comes on my path without stress. I seem to accomplish much more when I meditate. The Be Still meditations are pleasant as the music is soothing and they are only 10 minutes each.

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