The Waffle House: A Simple Mindful Eating Exercise

The Waffle House: A Simple Mindful Eating Exercise

I believe slowing down and paying attention is one of the cheapest forms of self awareness and personal development. Slowing down and paying attention to what is happening right now, being with your feelings and noticing how your body feels in that moment is the essence of mindfulness.  The beauty of this practice is very simple. Sometimes the simplest things are not always the easiest to apply.

Try this simple mindfulness eating exercise and let me know how it went. Pick a piece of fruit you can easily access to try this exercise and follow the steps below.

  1. Mentally give yourself permission to do this exercise (J).
  2. Take a moment to think about the people that may have been involved with the planting, nurturing, processing and distribution of your fruit.
  3. Pick up your piece of fruit and observe it using your senses:
    1. Hold the fruit in your hand and feel the texture, temperature, etc.
    2. Bring the item to your nose and begin to notice the smell (is subtle, obvious, etc.)
    3. Look at the item and notice how it looks from different angles.
    4. Raise the item to your ears and listen for any sounds.
    5. After observing how the item looks, smells, sounds, and feels slowly begin
      to eat it and pay attention to how it tastes.
  4. Continue to slowly savor the fruit and the experience.
  5. Notice how your body feels and if any sensations arise.

You have just completed a mindfulness eating exercise. Give yourself a big hug! The next time you eat something, slow down and think about all the people that may have played a role in you being able to enjoy your food. Was your food locally grown or imported from another country? Did it taste as you anticipated? Be present with what arises for you as you take time to appreciate your food.

One of my recent mindful eating experiences was at one of my favorite places… wait for it. The Waffle House. The eggs were spectacular and cooked just the way I would have scrambled them, well done. I have my regular location and the people there know me by name and order. (:-) When I tune into these feelings and sensations as I eat, I enjoy the tastes and textures of the food in an indescribable way.

Practicing mindfulness is simple and a lovely way to return to the present moment. Being mindful only needs you and your willingness to give it a try. Stop. Be Present. Check in with your senses and bodily feelings.Feel your feelings. No judgment…well, I like to say LESS judgment. Repeat.  It really is that simple. Or is it?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your mindful eating experience.  Share your thoughts below.


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