Why Struggle? Book Excerpts

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Why Struggle? life is too short to wear tight shoes has been called a “mini reference manual for personal development and is a book that encourages ou to accept life for what it is – an unpredictable journey.  Enjoy the excerpts below.

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Self-Confidence Is Like the Weather

Self-confidence and self-esteem are like the weather. Hot, cold, cloudy, or rainy – the weather is always changing. Some days we feel great about ourselves. Others day, we want to crawl back under the covers and wait for a new day.

It’s Okay. Life is still happening all around you. Always know there are other people having stormy days just like you. Look yourself in the mirror and be grateful to be alive.

Tomorrow is a new day and there’s a 50/50 chance the sun will shine.

Exercise: Look at yourself in the mirror daily. Look for all the lines, wrinkles, and perfections. Affirm aloud, “I love all of me; body, mind and spirit.”


Embrace Change

You probably got up this morning and got dressed. You may have showered, brushed your teeth, eaten breakfast, driving to work, read the newspaper, and had a cut of coffee or tea. You have already been through at least six changes. Every moment is a new change, every second is different from the last one.

Change is a natural part of the life cycle. Learning to embrace change is a major step toward peace of mind.

Exercise: Think of all the things that change in one hour. If you are having difficulty accepting change repeat the affirmations. “I am open and willing to accept change in my life.”


Purchase Why Struggle? life is too short to wear tight shoes.